Mighty Dragon
Mighty Dragon transparent
Vital statistics
Species Chinese Dragon
Designation Mission Giver
Series Angry Birds (series)
Location Pingyao
What is this canned junk? Bring me fresh food!

–Mighty Dragon when given sardines.

The Mighty Dragon is an Eastern dragon, that only appears in the Angry Birds Seasons update Year of the Dragon. He is a friend of Mighty Eagle.

In his home game, he is an optional character that can be used to destroy any fortress. However, he has a different style of attack than the Eagle. He attacks by flying in a loop, pushing anything in its path, and creates a small earthquake, shaking the fortress to eliminate any missed Pigs. As a final attack, the dragon shoots into the sky to the upper right corner of the screen. His looping path may call for strategic placement of koi, but it can be bad as well, since when the dragon loops, it misses the material inside the loop. Once he does the loop he seems to lose power too.


He appears in the World Tour expansion pack, where he is captured by Fusion Samurai Jack. The mission, "Secrets of the Dragon Guardians" involves rescuing him after taking part in six trials relating to the first Dragon Guardians, then receiving an Ancient Codex after that. The Mighty Dragon is grateful for the player, and give him a koi fish, telling him that he will come when the player needs him.

In the Chinese New Year 2012 Special Event, he gives the Nano mission "Dragon's Rage". It involves defeating his Fusion counterpart, dubbed "Fafnir" that has hoarded all the gold he stole in the castle near the Lower Catacombs. Players have to defeat it to obtain the Mighty Dragon nano. Like the Mighty Eagle, he can be used to destroy large groups of monsters by flinging koi at them.


  • Mighty Dragon's Fusion counterpart resembles the dragon Smaug from the Hobbit in personality. It is also nicknamed "Fafnir", after the dwarf-turned dragon from Norse mythology due to their common love of gold.
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