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Metal Cream
Vital statistics
Species 15/16 Robot 1/16 Cyborg
Location Metropolis

Metal Cream is based on her namesake, Cream. She was designed by Dr. Eggman, along with all her fellow Metals. Unlike Metal Amy, Metal Sonic, and Metal Tails, she was never given a team since she was still new.


Metal Cream was activated when Dr. Eggman received an emergency signal that Planet Fusion was coming his way. He decided to send all the Metals to Earth before his Death Egg was destroyed with no time to save himself. She and all the other Metals stick close to Metropolis, the city where their creator was buried. Though she is a Metal and therefore supposed to be terrifying, she actually spends her time rescuing injured animals and protecting them from Fusions, making her the most approachable of the Metals.


  • Despite being a Metal made by Dr. Eggman, Metal Cream is the nicest of the Metals.
  • She tends to spend her time with Metal Amy, looking up to the other Metal, who has taken her under her wing.
  • While Metal Cream looks cute, she is actually quite deadly if one is on the receiving end of her weapons.