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    • Fatcats, since you seem to have some knowledge of the Angry Birds (which I unfortunately do not) I wanted to ask your opinion on a couple of things.  First off, do you think it would be better to rename the "Angry Birds Team " page simply "Angry Birds"?  It was "Angry Birds Team" when I first joined the wiki, but I believe that was the result of a long-vanished member's plot line that involved different characters competing in some sort of contest, an idea I never liked, which that member never elaborated, and which has long since been abandoned.  Still, if "Team" is proper, I wouldn't want to change it.

      Second, would you like to write up an entry on the Angry Birds (Series) for the Cartoons Represented page? As I said, I know practically nothing about the Angry Birds.  If you'd like, you could either write it up on that page (picking up the format from the series that are already there) or send your description to me and I will put it there.  You would really be helping out the wiki!

      Anyway, thanks again for your very excellent work on the wiki.  All the best!

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    • You're welcome.

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