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Vital statistics
Alias White Bird
Species Chicken
Series Angry Birds (series)
Location Piggy Island
Voiced by Antti LJ Pääkkönen
Fight for peace!

Matilda is a peaceful chicken who appeared in the Angry Birds game series created by Rovio Entertainment. She is one of the original flock of Angry Birds.


No one knows how she obtained the ability to drop egg bombs. At one point, the bad pigs captured Matilda and her friends but were defeated by Terence. The Angry Birds were once captured as rare birds and taken to Rio De Janeiro, a city in Brazil, where they met Blu and Jewel and fought against Nigel the cockatoo and the marmosets. Matilda and Bomb went to the city to help the birds fight against the smugglers.


Matilda, Stella and Hal were left on Earth during the events of Angry Birds Space. She was taking care of the eggs on Piggy Island when Fuse's army attacked. When the player meets her for the first time, she is at South Beach with Stella, Hal and Stella's friends from Angry Birds Stella. In "Galaxy Wings", she receives the letter from the Angry Birds about the situation and then tells the player to bring another letter she wrote to the birds, assuring them that the eggs are fine. She also wrote to the birds to consult Dexter about the Eggsteriods.


  • Matilda is good friends with Stella's friends. One of them is a fan of Dexter and it is in this way she learnt about him and his efforts in the war.
  • She tolerates Piggy McCool as he is the only pig who never bothers to steal the eggs and Tetsuya Watarigani as long as he does not touch and eat their eggs.
  • She wishes that Lord Fuse would stop fighting the heroes and live in harmony with them though Tetsuya once joked with her that getting Fusions to be peaceful is as good as getting a crab to walk forward.