Marzipan City
Area Level 37
NPCs Mung Daul



Marzipan City is a town from the Chowder cartoon where Chowder and most of his friends live. The exact population is unclear, but the city is inhabited by strange animals and humanoids. Most of the buildings are influenced by Indian architecture. Marzipan City appears almost never to end, except in the episode "Burple Nurples." In that episode, a giant is seen holding up the city, suggesting a city limit. Marzipan City's Level is 37.


In FusionFall, Marzipan City lies on the southern shore of the lake in Peach Creek Wilds, and is therefore only accessible to players who have completed the "That's Just Peachy" mission given out by Freddy Fishlegs. The area sort serves as a sort of hub for the set of areas unlocked after the mission, containing the usual Nano stations, Guide Changers, etc, which apparently washed up from the ocean. Though it lacks a S.C.A.M.P.E.R, just outside the area is a second Whoosh, the Alpha Whale, which takes the player to Orchid Bay, as does the Magical Toadstool found here. These are both one-way trips, in order to avoid players entering the area early.Just inside the entrance from Peach Creek Wilds stands one of the FusionFall Pawn Shops,  run by Numbuh 16122.




Mung Daul

Numbuh 16122


  • Marzipan City is based on C.H. Greenblatt's experiences in New York City and Paris.
  • The giant "Burple Nurples" appears to be a spoof of Atlas, a Titan in Greek mythology who holds up the sky.
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