3DS Mario
Vital statistics
Real name Mario Mario
Alias Jumpman, Mario
Species Human
Designation Mission Giver
Series Mario
Location White Acropolis
Nano Item Mushroom, Hammer
Voiced by Charles Martinet
It's-a me ― Mario!

Mario Mario is the protagonist of a long series of video games beginning with the Donkey Kong arcade game in 1981. Depicted as a carpenter nicknamed "Jumpman" in that first appearance, he had to rescue "Lady" (since renamed "Pauline"), a damsel-in-distress kidnapped by the eponymous giant ape Donkey Kong. Starting from the 1983 game Mario Bros., the character was redefined as an Italian plumber named Mario Mario, the elder brother of his partner Luigi. 1985's Super Mario Bros. introduced both Mario's love-interest, Princess Toadstool (soon renamed "Princess Peach") and his arch-enemy, King Koopa (generally better known as "Bowser).

In appearance, Mario is a pudgy, heavily mustachioed little man in white gloves, blue overalls, and a red shirt and plumber's cap, the latter with a large white badge with a red "M" on it. He speaks with a stereotypical Italian accent.


Mario and Link were on their way to defeat Bowser and free their respective Princesses, but in the process, they were ambushed by Fusion Monsters. They were saved by Sheik and Peach, soon being nursed back to health by both of them. Since then, Mario and Bowser have agreed to fight together until Fuse is defeated. 

Mario's Hat

Mario's Hat is the hat he wears in every game. Luigi has also a hat, though it is green with an "L" badge. In the game, it is a Mission Reward item from the mission, "Luigi, Where Art-a Thou?." It is part of the Mario Item Pack. Mario's hat is also used to make the Mario Nano.

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