Major Glory
Vital statistics
Species Super Human
Series Dexter's Laboratory
Voiced by Rob Paulsen
For liberty!

Major Glory is a superhero and leader of the Justice Friends. He lives in an apartment complex, the  "Muscular Arms," with his crime fighting partners, the Infraggable Krunk and Valhallen. His secret identity is currently unknown, and probably will never be known, as referenced in the Justice Friends short, "Valhallen's Room", where Krunk was looking under statues for Valhallen's guitar. He is from the show Dexter's Laboratory, though he also appeared once on The Powerpuff Girls.

The Future

He was missing at the Birthday Bash. Major Glory might have been killed by Fuse or Fusion Demongo.

The Past

He can be found only on Mount Neverest where he warps players onto Lady Rainicorn's bridge. He then goes missing along with many other heroes. Dexter eventually discovered that Fusion Demongo captured the souls of the heroes. Eventually they are rescued though still not seen.


  • Both Dexter and Blossom see Major Glory as their favorite hero.
  • Besides being the leader of the Justice Friends, Major Glory is also a member of the Global Justice organization. He is also the leader of the superhero club, the Association of World Super Men (A.W.S.M.), as shown in The Powerpuff Girls' episode, "Members Only."


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