Vital statistics
Series Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
Location Mount Blackhead
Nano Item Backpack
Voiced by Sean Marquette

Mac is an eight-year-old boy with an imaginary friend named Bloo. He received a promise from Madam Foster that as long as he visited every day, Bloo wouldn't be put up for adoption.


In the Past, Mac seems to have run off to find Coco and ended up in the KND Jungle Outpost upon Mount Blackhead. Mac is helpful to the heroes, but seems to want to stay on the sidelines during the fight with Fuse, helping by using his imagination to make a false Coco to distract Fuse. Mac's support to the Imaginary Friends against Fuse shows his true loyalty and care to Foster's.

When Fuse seems to try to kidnap Coco, Mac takes upon himself the task of protecting her from Fusions in the area. He first sends the hero to defeat the Creeper Kings for their Leafy Claws. Once they are defeated, the Hero returns the Leafy Claws to Mac; Mac explains that the claws look like Coco's hair, thus demonstrating his plan to create a Coco decoy.

In "Princess' Payback (Part 1 of 4)," Mac is one of the four NPC's at Mount Blackhead that Princess has the player get a candle from. He agrees to let the player borrow his candle.


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