M. Bison
M. Bison
Vital statistics
Real name Master Bison
Series Street Fighter
Location Ooo
Nano Item Hat
Now you face the mighty Bison!

–M. Bison

Master Bison has killed many people in his past, including Chun Li's parents and Juri's parents. He fought and killed many Fusions, making Fuse want to have Bison join forces with him, but Bison just wants to kill Fuse because he is tried of Fusions randomly attacking him. Right now, he is in Ooo, looking for Juri so that together they can defeat Fuse, because he believes he won't be able to take down Fuse all by himself.

However, that is not the only reason why he is in Ooo. He heard about someone called the Ice King who has similar powers to his, so he wants to find Ice King and defeat him to see how strong this Ice King really is.

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