Vital statistics
Alias "The Light Bringer", "Pippy"
Age 19
Species Pony
Series Fallout
Location DexLabs
Nano Item Pip-Buck 2500
Voiced by Nowacking

Littlepip is the Stable Dweller of Stable 2 and a traveler with two companions, Velvet Remedy and Calamity, by her side. She is known for being the hero of the wastes, being dubbed "The Light Bringer" by most ponies; however, she can be a bit "evil" at times and destroy a whole town for nitpicky reasons. An accident occurred which brought her into the FusionFall Universe, where she became a great help to Dexter in the fight to defeat Fuse. With her unicorn magic and her weapons, Dexter was able to create an incredibly powerful weapon. She later became part of DexLabs Incorporated.


Littlepip is an intelligent pony who has a moderate skill in weaponry. She has a high skill in picking locks and is very hard to make a friend of; nonetheless, she won't bite -- unless a person gets on her bad side. She also has a soft side for Fusion Spawns.

The Past

Although she never existed in the Past, there have been sightings of her in Ponyville and Huntor's Crest.

The Future

While she was heading to the Tennpony Towers, Dexter was sending Johnny Bravo to the Future for his Nano project. Not noticing that the end line of the transporter went to an apocalyptic Equestria, Littlepip curiously jumped into the transporter to DexLabs. Dexter tried to send Littlepip back to where she came from before realizing that she could be a great help with her powers and her stash of weapons -- especially the Balefire egg. Dexter later convinced Littlepip to help stop Fuse by combining the Li'l Macintosh, magic dust, and the Balefire Egg; however, the weapon fell into Fuse's possession until the player returned it to Dexter. A Littlepip Fusion was created during the process.

Littlepip Fusion

The Littlepip Fusion has DNA exactly similar to Littlepip's, derived from an error in Dexter's transporter which copied the DNA to some Fusion goo. Fuse used this as a way to take over Littlepip's home-world, killing Homage, Velvet, and Calamity in the process. The Fusion is located in Fillydelphia. The player character must stop the Fusion from destroying any more residents of Stable 2, as well as taking the copied DNA for a new Nano.


The Nano is obtained at level 45. Optionally, players can fight the Littlepip Fusion to get her Nano.


  • Littlepip has no announced age. Fans assume she is 17 - 19.
  • Littlepip is based on a generic Vault Dweller player character from the 'Fallout series.
  • She was created by Kkat.
  • Littlepip is featured in Fallout Equestria.


Littlepip with her pipbuck and raider armor sfm by longsword97-d6k2zoh
Littlepip is piano pone by mrlolcats17-d88ux63
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