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Lil' Arturo
Powerpuff Girls - Gangreen Gang - Lil Arturo.png
Vital statistics
Real name Arturo
Age 14
Species Human
Series The Powerpuff Girls
Location Marquee Row
Voiced by Tom Kenny

Lil' Arturo is a supporting villain in The Powerpuff Girls and is a member of the Gangreen Gang. He appears to be very short (maybe under two feet) and has a Mexican accent. He seems to be personally in love with his comb. In "Power Lunch," he was given super speed (from drinking coffee). He is voiced by Tom Kenny in every episode except "Whoopass Stew" and "Buttercrush," where he was voiced by Carlos Alazraqui.


In FusionFall Lil' Arturo and the rest of the Gangreen Gang will presumably be found in close attendance on Ace in Marquee Row. During the mission "How to Date a Fusion," Arturo tells Ace that Buttercup is helping Fuse. In the "Who's That Girl?" mission, he tells the player that Belladonna has left Ace and fled to the Hokey Pokey Woods, though it turns out that he has mixed her up with Vanessa.