Leakey Lake
Leakey Lake
Area Level 15
NPCs Fuzzy Lumkins


Leakey Lake is a murky lake which has a lot of camper folklore surrounding it. According to the Bean Scouts, there are bodies of dead outlaws whose fingernails are still growing, a plug in the bottom of the lake, and a lake serpent. When the Bean Scouts fish, they end up pulling snow-globes out of the water, but apparently the Squirrel Scouts have better success, as the fish simply jump into their boat. A 50-foot bean named Clyde also lives in the lake. This area is based on Camp Lazlo.


War against Fuse

Leakey Lake is located near Camp Kidney. The entire area has been coated in Fusion matter, turning the whole lake into an infected zone. Deep within the infected zone is the lair of the Fusion Scotsman. Also near Leakey Lake is the home of Fuzzy Lumkins, the villainous enemy of the Powerpuff Girls. Apparently, his former home is now in the infected zone and Fuzzy has been forced to move. Both Camp Kidney and Acorn Flats, along with part of Prickly Pines, are on the shore of the lake. Flapjack is found here at the entrance to the infected zone; he has two missions in which he needs the hero's help to find Bubbie.

Fusion Lairs

  • Fusion Scotsman's Lair
  • Fusion Scotsman's Secret Lair
  • Fusion Flapjack's Lair


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