Vital statistics
Location Habitat Homes
Voiced by Kevin Thoms
Lance "Lunis" is from the Cartoon Network series Sym-Bionic Titan along with Ilana and Octus. Ilana, Lance and Octus came from their alien planet, Galaluna, which was overrun by war. They are now undercover, trying to blend in on Earth and not stand out from the humans too much.

Back on Galaluna, Lance was a high-ranking soldier, though his unorthodox strategies, slacker attitude, and rebellious demeanor often were questioned. This mainly stems from his extremely rough childhood. On Earth, he is extremely popular with his schoolmates, and argues with Ilana a lot, like a brother-sister relationship. His robot suit is a giant blue robot named Manus that is equipped with a range of weapons, including a sword and grenades. Lance himself is also extremely fit, capable of literally chasing Ilana's bus all the way to the mall. Lance is the "body" of the Titan.


Lance Petting Zoo

Lance guiding players in the Providence "Petting Zoo"

It is unknown if Lance, Ilana, and Octus came to Earth because of the Galalunian/Mutraddi war, or if it has something to do with Fuse. Lance can be heard saying they can't help against the war, because it would call too much attention to themselves. In the now non-existent Future, Lance was situated in Pokey Oaks South, right next to the border between it and Pokey Oaks North at the Gazebo. In the Past he was at Pokey Oaks North and South border, but is now in Habitat Homes an update on July 27, 2011. He was arguing with Ilana over helping the other heroes against Fuse, as his assigned duty from the Galalunian king is to KEEP Ilana out of danger, not lead her into it. If one stops to chat with him, he tells the player to leave the princess (Ilana) alone, then realizes what he said, and corrects himself, saying "sister" instead.
Lance Mt Neverest

Lance on Mt. Neverest

Lance (besides Titan itself) is the only character from his show with anime-style art, as seen on some ads on the Cartoon Network site for FusionFall. Oddly, this gave away that Lance would be added as it was displayed before he was put in. This ad may also have implied that Lance would have to get involved in the war, no matter what. This was proven true, when Lance was seen helping the player train with Rex Salazar, and later appeared with Ilana and Octus at Mt. Neverest with the other heroes.


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