This is Arctos.


Kyara Prime
Vital statistics
Age 7
Species E.V.O.
Series Generator Rex
Location Townsville Park
Voiced by Carrie Daniels

Kyara Prime is a young E.V.O., abandoned by her family when they discovered she was a "monster." She was later found by Rex, Six, and Bobo, and was brought to Providence. White Knight found her harmless, so she was allowed to stay. Her Nanites allow her to manipulate the light particles around her, though because of her age, she rarely, if ever, uses her abilities. Following her time spent with Rex, she looks up to him.


She's a foot taller than Bobo, with brown hair that goes to her waist, some of it pulled up into a small ponytail that lies against the rest of her hair, and has gray eyes that glow when using her nanites.

She wears a pink summer dress that goes to her mid-shins with puffy sleeves with white trims, a white sash around her waist with a bow at the back, white nylons, and black Mary-Jane shoes.


When Fuse's invasion occurred, Kyara was locked into her room, keeping her safe and away from the fight. When the war began, Kyara tried to assist, but due to her age she was denied the chance and therefore spends her time at Providence.


  • Her last name is inspired by Optimus Prime from Hasbro's Transformers series.
  • Her stuffed doll, Arctos, has Nanites inside of it as well, acting as a recharge station for her.
    • Arctos (άρκτος) is also Greek for "bear," which is fitting since her stuffed toy is a bear.
  • She and Rex used to share a similar dream: to have a family.
    • Rex wanted to find his while Kyara wanted to have a new one since her family mistreated and got rid of her.
  • Most of the missions that come from her are easy and usually have to do with Arctos.
    • Rex is also almost always involved in some way since he is her primary caretaker.
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