Seriously, Aang, I'm the new Avatar!


Vital statistics
Age 17
Series Legend Of Korra
Location Wave Island
Nano Item Arm Band
Voiced by Janet Varney

Korra is a seventeen-year-old girl from the Southern Water Tribe. She is hot-headed and eager. Korra is the new Avatar (the former one having been Aang, who is also Korra's master's father). Since Korra is the Avatar, she can bend earth, fire, air, and water just like Aang. Korra comes from the Future to meet Aang and tells him that she is the new avatar and that he is her master's dad, but Aang has trouble believing all this future stuff. She is also the leader of Team Slammer.

Nano Mission

When Dexter asked if he could have something of hers so that a Korra Nano could be made, she gave him her necklace. Nevertheless, to get the Nano, a Fusion Korra must be defeated.

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