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Kid Trunks is the son of Vegeta.

Kid Trunks
Vital statistics
Real name Trunks
Age 7
Species Half Saiyan
Designation Mission Giver
Series Dragon Ball Z
Location Wave Ocean: Peaceful Island
Nano Item Tapion's Sword


Kid Trunks can be found at Wave Ocean, and is currently relaxing there. He is the main mission giver on the whole beach, and is kind of rude. He tells the player that there are no monsters on the island, but that there are a few Fusion Lairs in the Wave Ocean's Oceanic Island. Wave Ocean consists of three separate islands, each accessible by springs and cannons: Oceanic Island, Chao and Animal Island, and Peaceful Island. He gives out six missions, all world missions. His seventh, a Nano mission, "Swim Trunks (With Sewage!)," is in the West City Sewage Plant; completing it gives the player the Kid Trunks Nano. Refer to Teen Trunks' article for more data on this mission.

Kid Trunks, Kid Goten, and Kid Goku are here due to the time paradox.