Trunks! Gimme a toy like you promised!
Vital statistics
Real name San Goten
Age 5
Species Half Saiyan, Half Human
Series Dragon Ball Z
Location White Acropolis
Nano Item Goten's teddy bear

San Goten is the son of Goku, born soon after the defeat of Cell, and five years old near the time of Majin Buu's saga.


He can be found in White Acropolis. His holograms are throughout the world, so players can see him and buy things from him almost anywhere. He sells Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball GT themed items, like clothing, weapons, armor, and hoverboards.

Kid Goku believes him to be a ghost.

He is alive in the now non-exsistent Future, making him the last surviving member of Dragon Ball Z, just as Kid Goku still the only member of Dragon Ball.

Kid Goten, along with Kid Trunks and Kid Goku, are in the FusionFall universe due to the time paradox.

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