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Kid Goku
Kid Goku.png
Vital statistics
Real name Kakarot
Age 6
Species Saiyan
Series Dragon Ball
Location Genius Grove
Nano Item Four Star Dragon Ball
Voiced by Stephanie Nadolny

Kid Goku is a young Saiyan who is on an adventure with Bulma and Krillin to find the seven mystical Dragon Balls. 


In Genius Grove, Kid Goku gives out the nano mission "True Evil." Kid Goku overheard Fuse's plans to take his four-star ball away and create Fusion Dragon Balls. Kid Goku tells the player that his dragon ball was stolen by his Fusion. The player beats the Fusion, gives back the Dragon Ball, and gets the Kid Goku nano.

Kid Goku isn't smart enough to realize who Goku and Gohan are. He believes Goten, who came with him in the time paradox, is a ghost or clone of himself.