Kevin Dragonfly
Kevin Dragonfly
Vital statistics
Real name Kevin Dragonfly
Alias Kevin Dragonfly
Age 13
Species Human
Designation Mission Giver
Series Inazuma Eleven
Location Raimon
Nano Item Dragon Picture
Voiced by Kyle Hebert


Kevin Dragonfly assigns the hero missions for Mark Evans by going to make Nanos of the legendary Inazuma soccer eleven. He offers many mission to get kits of teams whom the Raimon team have defeated have been given and then the could create these Nanos Kevin, Steve Grim, Tim "Timmy" Saunders, Jim Wraith, Sam Kincaid, Tod Ironside, and Maxwell Carson.


  • In Japanese, Kevin Dragonfly is known as Someoka Ryūgo (染岡 竜吾).
  • Kevin is a Forward for the Raimon Eleven.
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