Kenta Yumiya
Vital statistics
Age 13
Species Human
Series Beyblade: Metal Fusion
Location Destroyer Dome
Voiced by Lisette St. Louis

Kenta Yumiya is a young Beyblader who dreams of one day becoming a champion Beyblader. His Beyblade is the Flame Sagittario. He used to be a scared little boy, but thanks to Gingka, he has grown out of his shell.


He is at the Destroyer Dome, assisting Gingka and using his Beyblade to keep the Fusions at bay. He is attempting to woo Ms. Marvel, but the superheroine is anything but impressed and continually rejects him. On top of helping out in the anti-Fuse cause, Kenta tries to get other players to become Beybladers.

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