Vital statistics
Real name Vance Astrovik
Species Mutant
Series Marvel Ultimate Alliance
Location Helicarrier
Avengers Resistance... Assemble!

– Vance Astrovik src

Vance Astrovik, aka Justice, was born in Saugerties, New York. As a runaway, young Vance met the Thing, who helped him. Vance's latent mutant telekinesis powers were activated when his future self, Major Victory of the Guardians of the Galaxy, traveled back in time, and across realities, in an attempt to prevent Vance from becoming an astronaut and ending up in cryogenic suspension for a thousand years.

Shortly after, Vance joined a circus, where he performed a mind-reading act as "The Amazing Astrovic". Crossing paths again with the Thing, the two helped to take down the Taskmaster, who was using the circus as a front to train henchmen for the underworld.

At first, Vance did not have much control over his telekinetic powers, and would often give himself nosebleeds by straining himself too much. However, as the years went by, he developed his powers to the point that he could even fly by his own power.


He is at the Helicarrier currently giving no missions. Sometimes he says that he is worried about Firestar.

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