Johnny Test
Johnny Test01
Vital statistics
Series Johnny Test (Series)
Location Nuclear Plant
Voiced by James Arnold Taylor
Johnny Test is an eleven-year-old boy, known for constantly using his genius sisters' inventions to his own advantage, doing dangerous things for fun, and keeping evil minds away from his home, friends, and family such as talking cats or other monstrosities he's created. He is the best friend and owner of the talking dog Dukey, who was given the ability to speak by his sisters.


War Against Fuse

The Future

Johnny Test was never featured in FusionFall during the "Future Timeline." There is no explanation regarding where he was both before and after his first appearance in the Nuclear Plant.

The Past

In the past, Johnny Test (now sixteen years old) appears in front of the Nuclear Plant Infected Zone along with Dukey.

Unstable Nano Transformation

When Johnny first arrived in the FusionFall world, he offered DexLabs a sample of one of his personal items for Nano development. He soon became the first transformation for the Unstable Nano.

Mach 9 (Nano Mission)

Johnny Test Nano power

Player Acquiring the Johnny Test Nano

Sometime later during the war, he and Dukey were testing out Susan and Mary's new prototype scooter in the Nuclear Plant (which Johnny and Dukey think is a skate park), until "a-boy-with-cool-hair," Fusion Johnny Test, stole the bikes, leaving them to run back to safety outside the infected zone. He finds the hero and sends him/her to find the scooter that Fusion Johnny left behind as he was escaping, in hopes that one of them is the Mach 9. The search leads the hero into Fusion Johnny Test's lair. When the hero finally locates the Mach 9, he/she quickly disables it, then turns his/her sights on Johnny's Fusion counterpart. Once the clone is defeated, he/she makes a Johnny Test Nano.

Other Appearances

Johnny has a hover bike based off his show, and several items that involve Johnny Test, such as a Johnny Test Lab coat, Johnny's Nuclear shirt, and the Turbo Action Backpack. These items can be bought from Dukey, who stands to the left of Johnny Test.
Johnny test

Johnny Test, as he appears in the series.

Game Changes

Johnny Test, along with Dukey, were originally added on May 25, 2011, but did not offer any missions at the time. The official Johnny Test Nano was officially released on July 27, 2011, along with Nanos of Rigby, Chowder, Zak Saturday, Gumball Watterson, and AmpFibian (taking his original place as the Unstable Nano).


  • The show Johnny Test was originally not owned by Cartoon Network, causing initial confusion with his inclusion in FusionFall.
  • Despite having highlights in his hair, Johnny's Fusion doesn't have highlights.
  • Fusion Johnny Test's Eyes are incorrectly colored and are not transparent, like many other Fusions'.
  • Johnny's full involvement on the war with Fuse is still unknown.
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