Johnny Bravo
Johnny Bravo At Orchid Bay
Vital statistics
Location Orchid Bay
Nano Item Sunglasses
Voiced by Jeff Bennett
Man, I'm pretty!

–Johnny Bravo

Johnny Bravo is the main character from the series Johnny Bravo. Despite his many clueless attempts, he is, unrealized by himself, a total failure at his chosen profession: chasing women. He also lives with his mother, aptly named "Mama." Johnny is constantly pestered by little Suzy, a little red-headed girl, who often avoids the troubles Johnny becomes involved in. Johnny is also "friends" with Carl, though often Johnny seems to loathe him.


War Against Fuse

The Future

In the Future, Johnny is nowhere to be found and was most likely defeated or

Johnny's biography pictured not used on the website

captured during the later portion of Fuse's invasion.

The Past

In the Past, Johnny Bravo was originally stationed in Townsville Center. He can now be found in Orchid Bay next to Finn. He can also be found in Dexlabs, preparing for his Nano development.

Holiday Events

Johnny Bravo was first hinted at with the first release of the game, which included concept art for Johnny Bravo in Goat's Junk Yard and Orchid Bay. In addition, a picture of him was available as a FusionFall Official Forums avatar. Johnny Bravo first appeared in FusionFall during the Birthday Bash. He was then moved to Townsville Center, where he was part of the 2010 Valentine's Day quest arc.
Birth day bash major glory

Johnny Bravo at the Birthday Bash

He was removed after the event.

Mother of all Blowfish

Johnny Bravo was seen again, still in Townsville Center, for the Mother's Day event in 2010.

Nano Development

333px-Johnny Bravo

Johnny in Townsville Center

Johnny had a Nano of himself made for the first update after the Academy was added. Though he shows little interest in the Nano project, DexLabs Lab Assistants were able to extract some DNA and create a Nano based on Johnny.


  • Johnny Bravo is one of four characters who don't have anyone else from their show represented in the game, the others being Juniper Lee, Coop , and TOM.
  • If the player positions his or her camera correctly, it can be seen that Johnny Bravo has no eyes on his in-game character model.
  • Johnny Bravo was in early builds of the game, though the developers couldn't figure out a way to integrate him into the plot-line. As a result, he appeared much later, without any missions contributing to the storyline of FusionFall.
  • Johnny Bravo does not have a Fusion counterpart.
  • Johnny Bravo in FusionFall Heroes uses a hammer for a weapon, as seen in the trailer.


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