Jet the Hawk
Jet the Hawk
Vital statistics
Age 14
Species Hawk
Designation Mission Giver
Series Sonic the Hedgehog
Location Hero's Hollow
Nano Item Goggles
Voiced by Michael Yurchak

Jet the Hawk is an anthropomorphic hawk from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Jet is the fourteen-year-old leader of the Babylon Rogues and is often nicknamed the "Legendary Wind Master" due to his mastery of Extreme Gear. He is Sonic's most potent rival in the Sonic Riders series. He uses a Type-J board that allows him to reach high speeds. Although he can be a tad bit annoying when he is bragging about how fast he is, whenever he confronts Sonic, Jet also possesses a mysterious "control box", passed down from his ancestors, that is said to awaken the fabled Babylon Garden. Only the power of the Chaos Emeralds can activate its fabled power.


Jet was caught up in the Fusion Invasion while practicing his air-boarding skills. Several Fusion monsters attacked him, sending him flying towards the ground above Huntor's Crest. Jet was left without his board and stuck on the ground. Demongo found the hawk, and began teasing him. Jet, tired of Demongo, left the Crest and ended up in Hero's Hollow, where he met Cheese. Jet is currently trying to keep Cheese under control.

The player later gives Jet one of his hoverboards (optional). Jet immediately leaves, and thanks the player. Jet decided to take Cheese back home to Foster's.


  • Jet isn't very fond of Demongo, and tends to speak unkindly of him.
  • Jet tries to control Cheese, which causes Cheese to see him as an older sibling.
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