Jen and the Fusion (Part 2 of 2)

This is the sequel to the mission "Jen and the Fusion (Part 1 of 2)."

LVL: 8

Type: Nano

My notes: Fusion Jen was trying to steal birthday stuff, but after fighting her, the you get a new nano.

Description: I've heard that something stole the supplies for Mac's Birthday! Go check it out!

Step 1: Talk to Mac.

Mac (in person): Someone stole my birthday cake! Go kick some monster butt!

Step 2: Defeat 5 Doubleloons.

Doubleloon: 0/5

Mac: It's not here! Check the Robotic Spawns instead!

Step 3: Defeat 7 Robotic Spawns.

Robotic Spawn 0/7

Mac (Nanocom): I don't think you'll find it here. Move on!

Woofbot (Nanocom): I think I've detected a Fusion waddling off with my birthday stuff.

Step 4: Enter Fusion Portal.

Jen (Nanocom): I think you're being watched!

Step 5: Defeat 5 Cameranos.

Camerano: 0/5

Mac (Nanocom): There it is! I'll help!

Jen (Nanocom): I'm coming, too!

Woofbot (Nanocom): Me three!

Mac, Jen, Woofbot, and the player fight Fusion Jen!

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