Jake Spidermonkey
Vital statistics
Real name Jacob P. "Jake" Spidermonkey
Species Spidermonkey
Series My Gym Partner's a Monkey
Location Charles Darwin Middle School Infected Zone
Nano Item Hat
Voiced by Tom Kenny

Jake Spidermonkey is a character from My Gym Partner's a Monkey, and is best friends with Adam Lyon. As Adam's friend, he grows rather possessive, to the point that it bothers the only human of Charles Darwin Middle School. Jake is emotional and goofy, but also lazy and selfish.


When Fuse invaded, he and Adam were the only students left at Charles Darwin Middle School. Jake had intended to leave the school to Fuse and his Fusions, but Adam talked him into staying, leaving the two students the only two to protect the school and Habitat Homes from the invading Motorillas.


  • Jake may or may not be related to Spencer Spidermonkey.
  • His last name comes from "spider monkey," a lanky, long-limbed New World monkey.
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