Ruby RoseA Nano Mission It also was gun!
Level 20
Difficulty Hard
Character Ruby Rose
Place Offworld Plaza
Defeat Fusion Ruby
My Notes
I helped Ruby get a Cookies & Milk from Fusion Ruby & Fusion Monster.
Mission Offer
It also was gun!
Defeat Hydraulic Enforcer for Chocolate Chip Cookies.
Mission Details
Ruby RoseA Ruby Rose
My cookie is gone!!! are Hydraulic Enforcers steal my cookies!!!
Mission Summary
Step 1
Defeat 20 Hydraulic Enforcers for Ruby's Cookies

Ruby's Cookies -0/20

Ruby RoseA Ruby Rose
Thank you so much! i'm very very hungry! i can't wait eat my cookies! but wait, where is my milk? WHERE IS MY MILK??
Ben TennysonA Ben Tennyson
Your milk stealed by Fusion Ruby! also, calm down, Ruby.
Ruby RoseA Ruby Rose
Fusion Ruby steal my Milk? No Way! Now i'm sad...
Ben TennysonA Ben Tennyson
I have a plan, you can tell Blossom make a Fake Cookie & Fake Milk.
It also was gun!
Talk Blossom make a fake cookie & fake milk.
Step 2
Talk to Blossom
BlossomA Blossom
Fake cookie & milk? was Ben told you? oh right. i need a Caterplug's Chip make Fake Cookies.
it also was gun!
Defeat Caterplugs for Caterplug's Chips
Step 3
Defeat 10 Caterplugs for Caterplug's Chips

Caterplug's Chips -0/10

BlossomA Blossom
Good, now next, i need a Sneaky Spawn's Liquids
It also was gun!
Defeat Sneaky Spawns for Sneaky Spawn's Liquids
Step 4
Defeat 10 Sneaky Spawns for Sneaky Spawn's Liquids

Sneaky Spawn's Liquids -0/10

BlossomA Blossom
Good! now take over of me.
It also was gun!
Put Chips & Liquids to Blossom
Step 5
Take to Blossom for Chips & Liquids.
BlossomA Blossom
Alright, They are perfect! now take on this Stuff to Lair!
It also was gun!
Enter a Fusion Ruby's Lair
Step 6
Enter a Fusion Lair & meet Ruby
Ruby RoseA Ruby Rose
I'm here! wait, you have a cookie & milk to Fusion Ruby? Cool, and my milk is here! can you take it?
It also was gun!
Find a Ruby's Milk
Step 7
Take a Ruby's Milk
Ruby RoseA Ruby Rose
Good, Now hand over from me!
It also was gun!
Find a Ruby to Take on her milk.
Step 8
Find a Ruby
Ruby RoseA Ruby Rose
Thanks! now you can put a Green Cookies & Green Milk put a point.
it also was gun!
Put a Fake Cookie & Milk here
Step 9
Put a Fake Cookie & Milk here.
Ruby RoseA Ruby Rose
Hey! I saw Fusion Ruby coming to eat cookie & milk! also my cookies & my milk! Hurry! Defeat her!
It also was gun!
Defeat Fusion Ruby on Remained Time
Step 10
Defeat Fusion Ruby

Fusion Ruby -0/1 Remained Time: 99

If Fall(Restart to Step 3)
Ruby RoseA Ruby Rose
No! my cookie and my milk.....
If Success
Ruby RoseA Ruby Rose
Thank you very very so much, Now i'm to eat my cookie & drink my milk!


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