I'm not interested in being a superhero. I just want to keep Tony safe. From himself, mostly.
War Machine
Vital statistics
Real name James Rhodes
Alias War Machine
Species Human
Series The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes!
Location Avengers Mansion
Voiced by Bumper Robinson

James "Rhodey" Rhodes is a lieutenant colonel in the United States Air Force and operator of the War Machine. He is best friend's with Tony Stark, and joined the superhero league to help his friend out. He's very proficient in his job, and is a member of the New Avengers (though everyone pretty much considers him an Avenger).


Dexter sent War Machine to Avengers Mansion in order to convert it into a base for the anti-Fuse resistance. War Machine is afraid the suit will be taken over, but still does the job anyway.

Him and Cyborg began a unique friendship, and talk to each other on their times off. War Machine sends Cyborg weekly reports on his suit to make sure his suit is still safe to use.


  • Rhodey is an Avenger and a member of the US Air Force.
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