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Iron Fist
Iron Fist.png
Vital statistics
Real name Daniel Thomas "Danny" Rand-K´ai
Alias Iron Fist
Age 17
Species Human
Designation Mission Giver
Series Spider-Man (series)
Location Avengers Mansion
Nano Item Gloves
Voiced by Greg Cipes

Iron Fist (real name Danny Rand) is a member of Spider-Man's team, and part of S.H.I.E.L.D.. He was instructed by Nick Fury to work with Spider-Man so he could get used to the feel of being a superhero.


Danny is always focused yet relaxed - more Zen-focused than chill surfer dude. But when Danny turns into Iron Fist, he becomes very rigid with perfect posture. A very Yin/Yang character. Danny is THE DANNY RAND - the 17-year-old head of the giant Rand Corporation. His wealth rivals Osborns and Schnees - but you'd never know it from his laid-back attitude. However, as Iron Fist, he takes his powers very seriously. When all's fine he'll advise. He loves to meditate to practice his zen. He also likes listening to tunes, as according to him music calms the savage teens.


When Iron Fist was fighting Fin Fan Foom,  Fuse attacked, killing Fin Fan Foom in the process. Before Iron Fist himself could be killed, he was transported to the Avengers Mansion. From there, he gives seven missions: five for Ben Tennyson and two World Missions that require the player to provide him with some help.


  • Iron Fist gets along well with Power Man.