Infinity Train vehicle
Infinity Train
Area Level 40
NPCs One-One, Atticus, Corgis, The Cat
The Infinity Train is a mysterious vehicle that is the main setting of the miniseries of the same name.

It may appear as a regular train on the outside, but it is actually of infinite length. Inside of its many boxcars, practically anything conceivable can be found, whether it be puzzles, objects, or even entire worlds. It has an engine at its front that contains mechanisms for creating new cars. According to Owen Dennis, it is around 5 stories tall.

As of now, it is unknown who made the train, though what is known about it is that it travels in a barren desert in a dimension separate from Earth and that it appears to people who have suffered traumas in their life.


By the time Lord Fuse's forces have invaded Earth, this train has been the subject of a variety of urban legends circulating among the general populace by the Internet or word of mouth, with additional information derived from those who had been its passengers. One of which is that it abducts people facing traumatic events in their life, such as the death of a loved one, and that people who manage to pass the trials of the train and leave by dealing with their issues are changed both morally and even physically. This has been corroborated as the most recent person to have left the train as of now lacks a reflection.

The problem though is that Lord Fuse has set his sights on the Infinity Train, hoping to capture it and use it as an infinite fusion production vehicle. It is a good thing that it's difficult to do so, since not only does he have no idea who made the train like anyone else, but that it occasionally appears at random places on Earth to pick up passengers. Thus, not only do scientists from DexLabs occasionally visit the train to research on its cannons, they discovered that all it has are minor infections that may or may not be dwindling due to strong amounts of Imaginary Energy they found in its cars.



Since it is unknown who made the Infinity Train, there have been speculations as to its nature. Given that it holds entire worlds inside some of its boxcars, it is possible that the train is made with alien technology. Others say that magic could be used to make the train, or that both technology and magic are involved in its creation.

As it contains an innumerable amount of worlds and puzzles in its boxcars, there are theories that Imaginary Energy is used in the creation of them by the train. And then there is an unusual theory claiming that the Infinity Train is a physical manifestation of a part of the subconscious mind, specifically, the desire of humans to deal with and move on from their traumas.

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