Vital statistics
Series Sym-Bionic Titan
Location Habitat Homes
Voiced by Tara Strong

Ilana is from the Cartoon Network series Sym-Bionic Titan along with Lance and Octus. Ilana, Lance, and Octus came from their alien planet, Galaluna, which was overrun by war. They are now undercover, trying to blend in on Earth and not stand out from the humans too much.

Back on Galaluna, Ilana was the beloved princess, and her bubbly demeanor, spirit, and determination often inspired the Galalunian people. Her worst fear is that her father and her people may perish. On Earth, she is pegged as a "doofus" and her speeches often fall on deaf ears, weird people out, and get her laughed at. Moreover, she argues with Lance a lot, as if they were in a brother-sister relationship. Her robot suit is a small, versatile robot named Corus that is equipped with great speed and agility, allowing Lance and Octus to deal with any threat that appears while she gets away, though she can hold her own if cornered, having a range of defensive energy-based attacks. Ilana herself is also extremely curious about the humans, taking frequent trips to the mall. Ilana is the "heart" of the Titan.


Ilana 02

Ilana at the border of the two Pokey Oaks

It is unknown if Lance, Ilana, and Octus came to Earth because of the Galalunian/Mutraddi war, or if their arrival has something to do with Fuse. Ilana says that the Fusions are no better than the Mutraddi, but occasionally proposes the idea of peace between Fuse and Earth, despite the sheer absurdity of the idea. She was at the border of Pokey Oaks North and South, but was relocated to Habitat Homes. She keeps arguing with Lance over helping the other heroes against Fuse, as she says she can handle herself. She greets the player warmly if talked to as well.
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