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Vital statistics
Series Darkstalkers
Location Abyss Alley
You should run while you can.

Hsien-Ko is undead. She is a Jiang Shi, a Chinese Revenant. She has a strong hatred  of Fuse, mainly because Fuse has killed her uncle and aunt, whom she loved dearly. For this reason, Hsien-Ko is trying to form a team to attack Fuse himself, but so far, only Naruto, Felicia, Wallabee Ultrawoods, Pikachu, and Cody Travers are on board.

Out of everybody in the Abyss Alley, she gives out the most missions -- five, to be precise.

  • In her "Team-Forming" mission, players have to ask everyone in the Abyss Alley if they will help her against Fuse.
  • In her mission "Being Dead Is Boring," Hsien-Ko has players kill Fusion monsters for her amusement.
  • In her mission "Annoying Boy," players have to convince Wallabee to stop teasing her.
  • In her mission "Death Battle," the player, Hsien-Ko, Naruto, Felicia, Pikachu, Cody, and Wallabee Ultrawoods finally face Fuse himself. Fuse has been infused with Imaginary Energy and became Imaginary Fuse, which has turned him blue-green and made him twice as strong.
  • Hsien-Ko has a Nano mission in which players have to find her ward-paper and defeat Fusion Hsien-Ko.
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