Vital statistics
Real name Hinkly
Age 4 (Years)
Species Cat
Location Toy Dimension
Nano Item Fur
Voiced by User:Fusionwilliam


The Future

Hinkly was the only one of his group to survive into the Future, Cory, Sinai, Blaze, etc. being dead, though some CN characters are still alive.

Birthday Bash

In the Birthday Bash event, Hinkly appeared in a T-Shirt. (This was before he was added in the Future.) Hinkly was mentioned by Dexter in a Birthday Bash gathering. Dexter asks the player to find some characters, but Hinkly is not among them. He is later contacted by Blaze in his Fusion Lair. They have a bond, so Fusion Blaze/William won't attack Hinkly, Cory, or Sinai.

Fusion Blaze's Lair

Hinkly is located in Fusion Blaze's Lair. Once the player defeats Fusion Blaze, this location is renamed the "Toy Dimension" (actually Blaze's house, but in a miniaturized toy form).

Hinkly at the moment only has one Nano Mission, called "Feline Allies." The player has to contact Firestar, Cake, and Chowder for an unknown reason. Chowder exclaims that he has encountered a Green Blob that looks like Hinkly. Hinkly asks the player to take down Fusion Hinkly; once this is done, the player receives the Hinkly Nano.

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