FanonFall: A FusionFall Fan Fiction Wiki
Vital statistics
Series Ben 10
Location Devil's Bluff
Nano Item Magic Powder
Voiced by Khary Peyton

Hex is a very powerful sorcerer who wields a magical staff at his side. He hails from the dimension of Legerdomain and has a young niece named Charmcaster. He is constantly searching for a way to restore his "Charms of Bezel" after they were destroyed by Gwen Tennyson.


In FusionFall, after encountering the Fusion Spawns, Hex sees their adaptive properties as a way to finally fixing the Charms. He has an uneasy alliance with the Tennysons and the heroes to fight Fuse and his armies, but he ultimately plans to turn on them once he regains some of his power.

Hex aimed to get some of his power back by using a stone of transference in the Hani-Baba Temple to transfer the powers of prophecy from the hero to himself. Unfortunately, Billy had stolen the powers prior to Hex, leaving him empty handed. Hex is also interested in Coco and her eggs, but admits that she is an enigma, even to himself.