Hero's Hollow
Area Level 33
NPCs Cheese
Hero's Hollow is, simply, the wreck of a battle. Several SACT Commandos say that there was a Battle of Hero's Hollow. They are spread throughout the area looking for survivors. There are Mandroids in a camp that are damaged along with more robots and tanks belonging to Dexter and Mandark. There are few damaged KND S.C.A.M.P.E.R.'s lying around. Shellworms are roaming the abandoned camp site. Eyebulbs are hanging around the leftover debris from the battle. Meteoric Sentries guard the 3rd Fusion Control Center. In addition, Cheese is there, in the middle of all of the debris. According to Dexter, Cheese caused the loss in the Battle of Hero's Hollow through his excessive button-pushing and mistaking the shield generator for a chocolate milk machine.


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