Vital statistics
Real name Haze
Age 14
Species Hedgehog
Series Sonic the Hedgehog
Location Hunters Nest
Nano Item Jacket
Voiced by Cowansm4
Haze the Hedgehog is a fan character created by cowansm3/cowansm4.


When Haze was only a baby hedgehog, his parents died from a fire in their house. The remains of the house are found in a peaceful suburb. Haze was then found by Sonic, who trained him to be like him. After five years, Haze traveled with his elder brother, Flare the Hedgecat, and his younger sister, Goldie the Kittyhog, who had been sent away before Haze came. A year later they split up, deciding to come back the year after that.

Life Adventuring In littlebigplanet

While in the Cul-de-Sac, Haze fell into a portal leading to a world called littlebigplanet. There he met his two best friends, Sonic's cousin Jack the Hedgehog and Sackboy. He spent several years adventuring, fighting, and just relaxing in littlebigcity. Before he left with his friends back to the Cartoon Network Universe, he fought Endersack the Mighty by blowing him up. He and his friends then left littlebigplanet and landed in Tech Square, where Fuse was assembling his monsters for a second attempt at conquest.


After the monster rally, Fuse sent his new monsters to attack Tech Square and other places. After the monsters sent to attack DexLabs had been completely obliterated, all the heroes were sent to their positions in the war. Haze is at Hunters Nest, thinking about moving due to so many attempted raids by the Forest Creepers.

Photos in littlebigplanet 2

  • Owie!
  • Sewer rock!!!
  • I'm on the moooooon!
  • Fusion Haze's source of power
  • His pet
  • Full body shot
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