Haunted Ridge
Haunted Ridge
Area Level 18
NPCs Agent Greenberg
Haunted Ridge is an area located south of the Pimpleback Mountains and is in the Wilds. It currently serves little purpose except to help out with a few of Gwen's missions. Its only NPC is Agent Greenberg.


Sometime during the invasion, an extraterrestrial/alien sent down a meteorite that crashed in Haunted Ridge. SACT identified it at first as a meteor from Planet Fusion, but later found there was an unidentified UFO in it, suggesting that the meteorite had the ability to repress Fuse's power. SACT Agent Greenberg used it at the abandoned mine camp, which at the time was becoming an infected zone. The meteorite's ore suppressed Fuse's minions, thus protecting the camp. The origin of the ore and UFO is still currently unknown. The UFO can sometimes be spotted moving over Haunted Ridge. It is possible that the UFO could be one of the many that appeared during the "Cartoon Network Invaded" event. This is supported by the fact that every show involved with "Invaded" is represented in the game.


The only mission series currently in Haunted Ridge is "SACT Attack," in which Agent Greenberg needs the player to investigate a UFO in the abandoned mining camp.

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