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Vital statistics
Real name Harold "Harry" Osborn
Alias Harry



Age 16
Species Human Mutate (Harry)

Alien Symbiote (Venom)

Series Spider-Man (series)
Location Halloween Town
Voiced by Max Mittelman (Harry)

Matt Lanter (Venom)

Venom is the anti-Spider-Man.


Harry Osborn (Venom's alter ego) was just a handsome, well-to-do kid, the son of the wealthy and powerful Norman Osborn. Dr. Octavius and his father were working on a symbiote that was taken from Spider-Man's blood. However, the symbiote escaped, and fused itself with various owners until it finally settled upon Harry. Spider-Man (Peter Parker, who is Harry's best friend, in disguise) was at first the only one who knows that Venom is Harry. Peter did everything he could to keep his friend safe, stop Venom, and keep his teammates from discovering.


When Venom attempted to overtake Harry, Spider-Man and his team managed to defeat the other being, letting Harry gain control once more. He is still the host for the creature, though there are moments when he is able to gain control.


Venom was robbing a bank when Fuse came to him in the form of Fusion Green Goblin, wanting to fuse with him. Venom declined the offer, and at that moment, Team Skull arrived and saved him from Fuse. They offered him a place in their team, but he declined again and left, finding his way to Halloween Town.

Harry Osborn


  • His Fusion lair is in Titans Tower.
  • Harry's relationship is somewhat like Bruce Banner's relationship with the Hulk, although Hulk isn't a villain and has some respect towards Bruce, whereas Venom sees Harry only as a host body.