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Halloween Town
Halloween Town
Area Level 68
NPCs Barrel
Carrie the Ghost
Dark Danny
Jack Skellington
Oogie Boogie
The Mayor of Halloween Town

The Unknown
White Knight

Halloween Town is a spooky town inside the Underworld where Halloween is celebrated year round.

Heroes in Time

When Jack Skellington discovered that there was a portal to Prankster's Island in Halloween Town, he became excited to see new visitors. Dark Danny is at Oogie Boogie's manor and is shooing Oogie Boogie out so that he can take over his house. Ichigo, White Knight, and Carrie the Ghost are trying to find the Skull of the Undead before Hades does. The Unknown is in the deepest part of Halloween Town. Tsubasa was blown here from the Destroyer Dome by a Gooby Trap explosion.

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