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What goes up must crash down!
Vital statistics
Alias Green Bird

Boomerang Bird

Species Emerald Toucanet
Series Angry Birds (series)
Location Piggy Island
Nano Item Banjo

Hal is the first new member of the Flock. Unlike the other Angry Birds, Hal is laid back and easygoing. His green color means that it can be tough for Red and a whole slew of characters to co-exist with him (after all, Bad Piggies and Fusions are green). Because of this, the toucan ends up camping to pass a bunch of his time, only to turn up when he feels like it or the flock needs him. He may be easy on anyone he meets, but he still has the potential to be a very Angry Bird, if he feels that his freedom is threatened.


The first time Hal appeared, he was a prisoner of the Bad Piggies. How he was captured was unknown, but the Angry Birds freed him and ever since then he has been the first bird to join the Flock. At first, his clumsiness irritated Red, due to Hal's tilting the slingshot and causing Matilda to fly in the wrong direction. Eventually, he proved himself when all other birds failed to destroy the pig's fortress: he launched himself from the slingshot and used his boomerang ability to rescue the eggs and knock out the structure's support system, causing it to collapse on King Pig. For that, he was granted three stars and a membership in the flock.

Ever since then, Hal has joined the birds in numerous adventures.


Hal, Matilda, and Stella are left on Piggy Island to guard the eggs ever since the other Angry Birds went to outer space. Hal became fast friends with Tetsuya Watarigani, the only human currently on the island.

In the Nano Mission, "A Grave Misunderstanding", Tetsuya falls out with Hal due to claims that the toucan is eating his crabs. Hal tries to explain himself, claiming that he was with the other birds the whole time. Tetsuya refuses to believe him, thus falling out with Hal (never mind that Tetsuya still refuses to admit he's warming up to the birds at this point). Matilda feels sorry for the green bird and tells the player to look for anything that could be ruining the friendship between the two. The player heads to the Golden Fields and finds some crab shells and Fusion Matter. As it turns out, a Fusion Hal has a lair in the fields, and the player has to defeat him. After the fight, the player obtains the Hal Nano. The player shows Tetsuya the crab shells with Fusion Matter, telling him that it was not Hal that killed his crabs, but his Fusion counterpart. The boy feels regretful for his treatment of Hal and apologizes to the bird for being too quick to accuse him. Hal forgives him, saying that his green color could make anyone mistake him for a Fusion, and accepts his apology. Matilda is pleased that the two have restored their friendship. "A Grave Misunderstanding" is available at level 51.