Gunter icekingpalace fusionfall
Vital statistics
Alias Gunther
Species Penguin
Series Adventure Time
Location Orchid Bay
Nano Item Feather
Voiced by Tom Kenny
Gunter (or Gunther) is the name Ice King gives to whatever penguin servant he is around. As the Ice King has a large number of male and female penguins, the Ice King does not address Gunter as specifically male or female, but changes depending on the penguin. Gunter has been confirmed to be a variety of penguins by Natasha Allegric and Andy Ristaino.


Original (Canon)

In FusionFall, Gunter was added as a non talking NPC for the "FusionFall Adventure: Ice King Invasion." He is located in Orchid Bay, specifically in Ice King's castle, behind the Ice King. During the Ice King's Nano mission, Ice King accuses Gunter of stealing princesses and Gunter denies it, starting a dispute between the two. After not being able to get through to Gunter, Ice King sends the hero to locate his missing penguin servants. There the hero discovers that that Fusion Gunter is behind the whole thing, kidnapping the penguins and impersonating Gunter to trick Ice King. The hero defeats Fusion Gunter, making an Ice King Nano and clearing Gunter's name, ending the "FusionFall Adventure: Ice King Invasion."

Redo's version

In Redo's version of FusionFall, Gunter has now received voice-over work from his/her original voice actor, Tom Kenny. In addition to the Ice King's Castle, Gunter has received a new location in the "main world" of FusionFall, being located in Galaxy Gardens by the front gate. How he/she ended up here and why he/she remains there is still a mystery to all of the other characters, even the Ice King. The mystery of his/her character and his/her agenda has led him/her to be named a "wild card" by the other heroes, who constantly try to make progress with studies on him/her and what he/she can be useful for.

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