Gunter, do you even love me?

–Ice King

Gunter icekingpalace fusionfall
Vital statistics
Species Penguin
Location Orchid Bay
Gunter (or Gunther) is the name the Ice King gives to whatever penguin servant he is around. As the Ice King has a large number of male and female penguins, the Ice King does not address Gunter as specifically male or female, but changes depending on the penguin. Gunter has been confirmed to be a variety of penguins by Natasha Allegri and Andy Ristaino.

In FusionFall

In FusionFall, despite their friendship, the Ice King and Gunter have been having a few BFF issues in the new mission, "Penguin Plans," part of the "FusionFall Adventure: Ice King Invasion." Ice King accuses Gunter of stealing princesses and Gunter denies it, starting a dispute between the two. After not being able to get through to Gunter, Ice King sends the hero to locate his missing penguin servants. There the hero discovers that that Fusion Gunter is behind the whole thing, kidnapping the penguins and impersonating Gunter to trick Ice King. The hero defeats Fusion Gunter, making an Ice King Nano and clearing Gunter's name, ending the "FusionFall Adventure: Ice King Invasion."

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