Gumball Watterson
Vital statistics
Alias Gumball
Zach (original name)
Age 13
Species Cat
Designation Mission Giver
Series The Amazing World of Gumball
Location Elmore
Nano Item Old shirt
Voiced by Logan Grove

Gumball Tristopher Watterson is the main character of the television series The Amazing World of Gumball. He is a twelve-year-old, turquoise colored male cat that goes to Elmore Junior High with his ten-year-old adopted little brother Darwin and his four-year-old sister Anais.


Gumball is running for his life from Bobert because Bobert is supposedly trying to kill him. Gumball thought this because Paradox warned him that Bobert was after him, after which Gumball started flipping out and begging Steve to help him build a fort around his house of thick, laser-resistant duct tape (which Steve generously helped him with, even though he thought the whole situation was ridiculous). However, Paradox was wrong; Fusion Bobert was actually after Gumball, as is hinted by Bobert in the new Future.


Bobertnater Salvation

When Gumball wants more tape for his fort, Dexter asks the player to go to his lab. Dexter wants to discard a piece of Bobert, so he gives it to the hero. Then Gumball calls and wants the player to bring the piece to him. He wants to adjust it at the right location in Elmore for him to contact Bobert, so Gumball could reason with him. When the player enters Elmore Junior High, Gumball says that the highest point connection is in the auditorium. When the player goes there, Gumball says that the real location is in the top air vent, which also happens to be Fusion Gumball's lair. When the player gets there and defeats Fusion Gumball and creates a Gumball Nano, Gumball gets a communication from Bobert saying that “Green Blobs” are stealing Bobert's memory chip―then the message is cut off. Gumball realizes this may have been Bobert’s last memory.

25 Legendary Fighters

When Dexter revealed to Gumball that he was a legendary fighter, the cat got excited. Dexter checked dozens of times if Gumball was really a legendary fighter, but the computer was 99% certain that the ancient writings were true. Though Dexter was sure that Gumball won't last very long, he paired him up with Sora and Riku, knowing that Gumball would be safer with them. Gumball proved himself to be a fighter when he grabbed a Fusion and bashed it to a Fusion Pod. Knowing that he is not "macho," Dexter usually sends Gumball on stealth missions.

Fusion Fall: The Story of Pike Aftershock

In "Fusion Fall: The Story of Pike Aftershock," Gumball is the guard of the Armory as well as of the armor, and weapons distributor at FusionFall Academy East.

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