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Goldie the Hedgefox
Vital statistics
Age 23
Species Hedgefox
Series Sonic the Hedgehog
Location Champion's Paradise

Goldie the Hedgefox is a twenty-three year old hedgefox, with a husband, Flare the Hedgecat, and a non-biological brother, Haze the Hedgecat. She loves them more than anything in the entire world. She wears a red head band, boots that look like Amy Rose's, and a red vest.

Goldie has three children, Burst the Hedgecat, Flame "Felix" the Hedgefox, and Shine the Hedgehog. They are practically her world along with Flare -- and her Chao, Mittinz, too, of course. Goldie is the daughter of Miles "Tails" Prower and Amy Rose. Her half-brother (according to rumors and SEGA) is Silver the Hedgehog (because Amy Rose and Shadow the Hedgehog are, apparently, his parents).

Goldie has golden, super-fluffy soft fur, red-violet eyes, a red vest, Amy-like boots, two fox tails, and white fur on her belly. Goldie is very emotional, yet very optimistic. She's not a fighter either, because she has a very rare (yet very weak) type of power: Light. Because her power is so weak, she tries to stay away from most conflict, though she is a very tough girl. (She gets it from her mom.) Those who mess with her friends or family, find that they are messing with her, and vice versa.


Golden the Hedgefox is the evil version of Goldie. Golden is an entity that lives inside of Goldie. She only comes out at certain times when she feels like torturing citizens of Mobius, and only Goldie can stop her. By that, she is the only one who can physically touch Golden.


Goldie is currently settled down on Champion's Paradise, living in a house near the beach and the forest with her family. Before, she and Flare were very much travelers, until after they got married and decided to have children.