I'm the winner!
Gingka Hagane
Gingka Metal Fury
Vital statistics
Age 13
Species Human
Series Beyblade (series)
Location Destroyer Dome
Nano Item Samurai Pegasis W105R²F
Voiced by Robert Tinkler

Gingka Hagane is a Beyblader who uses Samurai Pegasis W105R²F. He's an outspoken, confident and powerful Beyblader, who believes the power of the Beyblade comes from within the owner. He is currently stationed at Destroyer Dome with his friend Kenta.

He has a mission called "Let It Rip!" In this mission, Fusion Masamune and Fusion Ginka have been sighted near the Destroyer Dome. Ginka and Masamune go with the player to Metal Bey City, where they deal with a few Fusion Deltas, Ginka and Masamune using Bey Guns. Bey Guns are weapons for Bey battlers created by DexLabs. Players insert their Beys into the weapons, and they can use them as Blasters. One of the Fusion Deltas escape, and players along with Ginka and Masamune must follow it to Metal Bey City Outskirts, where they find the Fusion Lair of the Fusion Battlers. Once inside, Ginka and Masamune battle their Fusions. The player defeats a few Fusion Deltas, and then notices that Masamune and Ginka were caught off guard by their Fusions. The player defeats both Fusions, and gains the two Nanos. The place begins to crumble. Dexter contacts Ginka, and tells them they have to go. Masamune quickly gets up. Ginka slips, and the rocks fall on him. The player and Masamune escape. Once they both arrive back at Destroyer Dome, Masamune tells the Player he will never forget Ginka. Dexter then asks the player to meet him outside. He explains he can revive fallen heroes through Nanos, and that he will be able to bring back Grim, whose soul was destroyed by Mephisto, as well. The player tells Masamune the news, who is excited and rewards the player with a Ray Striker Hoverboard.

From this mission, players can gain:

Ray striker (Beyblade of Masamune Kadoya, which can only launch once every five seconds)

Bey Blaster

Ginka Nano: Health refill, Bey launch, Super speed

Masamune Nano: Bey launch, Super jump, Super punch

Ray Striker Hoverboard

Masamune's Hoodie and Hair

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