Vital statistics
Series Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!
Location DexLabs
Nano Item Drills
Voiced by Tom Kenny

Gibson is the most intelligent member of the HyperForce.


When the HyperForce was separated, Gibson and Chiro were still inside the Super Robot. Fuse trapped the Super Robot in Fusion Matter, and it is currently in Goat's Junk Yard, a few feet from Megas. Gibson and Chiro had an argument, and went their separate ways. Gibson can be found in DexLabs, and is the third most intelligent character in the entire place, after Computress and Dexter.

Nano Mission

Gibson's Nano Mission "Not Just A Monkey" takes place when Gibson fears he saw the Skeleton King a few days previously in Genius Grove. The Player uses the Goo-Getter to find Fusion Gibson's lair, where the Skeleton King is detected. The Player defeats Fusion Gibson, and gets the Gibson Nano. The Player also fights the Skeleton King, and after defeating him, the Skeleton King teleports away. The Player reports to Gibson, who thanks the Player for the report.

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