Vital statistics
Species Gem
Series Steven Universe
Location Forbidden Falls
Bravo Beach
Nano Item Gauntlet
Voiced by Estelle
Garnet is the gem fusion of Ruby and Sapphire and the current leader of the Crystal Gems. 


Though she is often the most pragmatic and straightforward of the Crystal Gems, Garnet tends to act on intuition rather than seriously analyzing a situation, as often seen throughout the series. As the leader, Garnet is often the peacemaker of the Crystal Gems, especially when Pearl and Amethyst start arguing. She demands utmost respect from the other Crystal Gems and is not hesitant to berate team members should they refuse to follow an order.


In FusionFall, Garnet can be found in two locations. The first location is Bravo Beach, where she stands next to the other Crystal Gems as well as a warp gate that leads into The Temple. The second location, her main station in the game, is in the Forbidden Falls, an extension of the Forgotten Falls.

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