Fuzzy Lumkins
Vital statistics
Real name Fuzzy Lumkins
Species Lumkin
Designation Mission Giver
Series The Powerpuff Girls
Location Leakey Lake
Nano Item Boomstick Buckshot
Voiced by Jim Cummings

Fuzzy Lumkins is a supervillain from the Powerpuff Girls cartoon.  Fuzzy appears rather like a large hot pink Yeti with antennae on the top of his head and a large tooth sticking out of his lower jaw. Fuzzy dresses in patched overalls, and is very much a hillbilly, with a distinct dislike for trespassers of any kind.  His main occupations are playing his banjo, Jo, and shouting at people to "git offa my propity!"


In FusionFall, Fuzzy used to live all alone out in a cabin by Leakey Lake; however, the Fusion Matter that has infected the lake has driven him to a new cabin on higher ground.

Fuzzy gives only one mission in the game, fewer than any other character.


  • His last name, both on the show and in FusionFall, is spelled without a p: "Lumkins," not "Lumpkins."
  • Fuzzy was the very first Powerpuff Girls villain to appear on Cartoon Network,  in the very first Powerpuff Girls short, "The Powerpuff Girls in: Meat Fuzzy Lumkins," on the What A Cartoon! show. Fuzzy's weapon in this was a "meat gun," which reappears in later episodes and in the Powerpuff Girls online game, Meat the Mayor.
  • According to Professor Utonium in the series, Fuzzy Lumkins is confirmed to be a "lumkin."
  • There are more of Fuzzy`s kind, which were seen in some episodes of The Powerpuff Girls. However, Fuzzy is the only one of his kind on FusionFall.
  • Along with Him, Mojo Jojo, and Princess Morbucks (all of whom appear in FusionFall), Fuzzy used to be part of the villainous group, the Beat-Alls. Fuzzy's weapon was a great big rock (thus making the Beat-Alls a "rock group").


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