Teen Trunks
Vital statistics
Real name Trunks Briefs
Age 17
Species Half Human, Half Saiyan
Series Dragon Ball Z
Location West City Sewage Plant
Nano Item Tapion's Sword
Voiced by Eric Vale
Future Trunks is the Future form of Trunks, hailing from an Apocalyptic timeline where the Z Fighters are dead at the hands of the Androids. He is the older, alternate version of Kid Trunks.


Future Trunks came from the Future with Silver the Hedgehog to save, help, and warn the past. Silver doesn't know what happened to Trunks.

Swim Trunks (With Sewage!)

In the mission "Swim Trunks (With Sewage)," which is given out by Kid Trunks, people have asked Kid Trunks repeatedly how he got younger. Kid Trunks sends the player to ask a few people about it, and they explain that they saw a teenaged Trunks in West City's Sewage Plant. The player goes there, and defends himself from a few Egg Robos, robots of Dr. Eggman. The player then spots the Future Trunks, and they both fight over twenty robots of Eggman together. Future Trunks explains his story, and that he is in the West City Sewage Plant to make sure no Fusions enter, and that no Robots get out of the place. Future Trunks then says that he saw a Fusion a few days ago enter a Fusion Lair. The player enters the Fusion Lair of Fusion Future Trunks, and earns the Kid Trunks Nano. The player then recovers some data, and brings it to DexLabs. Dexter thanks the player, and explains that Fuse has created Super Fusions, using the DNA of Goku, Ultimate Swampfire, and Imaginary Friends. Dexter then tells the player he has stopped the Super Fusion Production. He also tells the player that there are only Six Super Fusions on Earth.

Trunks also keeps a keen eye on Dr. Eggman.

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