Fusion Lairs are the main hideouts for Fusions. These areas can be located in an infected zone or on the general map. To enter in a Fusion Lair, use a Fusion Portal.

You can only access these portals if you are on the corresponding mission, or are in a group of a person with the mission.

Types of Lairs

There are three type of Fusion Lairs: Normal Fusion Lairs, secret Fusion Lairs, and Epic Fusion Lairs. They tend to be found in a variety of environments.

1) Dark Wilderness environment

2) Warehouse environment

3) Ice Cavern environment (Only in the Ice King's Castle)

4) Inside Foster's Mansion environment (Only in Nano Cheese's Mission)

5) Mystery Dungeon environment (Only talking with Reaper)

6) Sewer environment (Only in Generator Rex Misions)

7) Mouth environment (Only in Chowder's Mouth)

8) Vilgax's Ship environment (Only in Ben 10 Missions)

9) Ship's Interior environment

10) Dexlabs environment

Lists of Fusion Lairs

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